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MAAS Shells -- Alden Shells -- Adirondack Guideboats -- Adirondack Wherries -- Echo Rowing Shells -- Wintech Racing Shells -- Dreher Oars -- Latanza & Piantedosi Parts -- All the best shells and accessories, all at one location, for you to compare side by side.


                                                                                                                     for the love of rowing 

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Since Adirondack Rowing began its business in 1970, we made the decision to provide the highest quality educational, informational, and instructional services for new and experienced scullers and rowers. We have kept to that commitment without fail. We have found, in every one of those 46 years, that prospective and experienced scullers truly need a high quality rowing and sculling educational and instructional service before they consider purchasing for the first time or for the second time, or more, a new or used rowing shell. All scullers who understand the importance of a quality educational and learning experience become happy, injury-free, lifelong scullers.  

Our emphasis on the highest quality educational approach has resulted in our being the oldest and best full service rowing shell dealer on the North American continent. Since our first sculling lesson in 1970, we have delivered  unparalleled new and used rowing and sculling products for open water and racing shells. We also offer the planet's largest rowing shell rental program as well as premium, high-quality, individualized, sculling lessons for all levels of sculling. In fact, Adirondack Rowing was the first and remains the only company to have the rowing shells we offer and instruction on the same shoreline. No other full service dealer exists with such high quality services that we offer to the rowing community.


Winter Sale!

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Bill and Debbie Martin of Saranac Lake

The best premium quality sculling lessons at the most affordable rates in the rowing universe!

We consistently and without fail provide our customers with premium individualized instructional sessions at affordable prices that includes value added items.

Check out our Rowing School Page!

The largest full collection of open water rowing shells and traditional rowing boat hulls on the market today.  

All in one place for rowers to compare all at the same time, all at the same location.

No one, guaranteed, will give you a better overall price plus essential extras, has a larger selection of rowing shells or will treat you as well as we do before and after your purchase.

Thank you!  

Our totally new and improved Adirondack Boat Dolly is available! Find out the best way to move a boat around on land. Email or call us about it!

* Heavy duty aluminum struts and axels for strength, even for those really heavy boats!

*Dual stabilizer legs for easy loading/unloading your boat in the water and on land

*Easily adjustable width, slimmer or wider, depending on your boat's width

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Two great reasons to purchase a new rowing shell!

Attention New York State Residents! 

Did you know that we pay your New York State sales tax for MAAS, Alden and WinTech shell purchases? 

Saving 7% sales tax can make a big difference! 

Attention Canadian Residents! 

Did you know the Canadian Tariff Classification of a shell is 8903.99.10?  You can import a rowing shell into Canada duty free if it is made in the USA.

How do I place my order!?

Please E-Mail adkrowing@roadrunner.com or Call 518-745-7699 or we would love to talk to you. 

The Rec Racer feels a lot like a top end racing shell, but with the stability of a recreational boat.

Product Highlight


If you have purchased your rowing shell elsewhere and you find that you need or would like expert instruction that won't cost you a lot of time and money, Adirondack Rowing has the best and most efficient rowing day classes in the rowing industry.

Adirondack Rowing School

What you didn't receive if you purchased a shell anywhere but Adirondack Rowing:


Lowest guaranteed overall package price. 


$100.00 referral fee with rowing shell package sale for each and every rowing shell package sale for life.


$145.00 total value of free informative and enjoyable rowing items shipped the day your order is placed which includes:


"Art of Sculling" 166 page book on sculling technique


4 Part Sculling DVD, which includes information for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced rowers.


Hand picked rowing articles and helpful hints assembled in a manual from our many years in business.


Great Adirondack Rowing T-shirt, 100% heavyweight preshrunk cotton, to wear while rowing!


Being able to review and demo the largest selection of shells located all in one location. 


Great advice on Yakima and Thule roof racks, Shell Racks and Trailex Trailers


Unbeatable and hands down the best customer service you will ever have now and into the future.



Give us a call for a commemorative seat or oar!

   Remember we offer $100 to you for each and every referral with sale -- compare what you receive from Adirondack Rowing to anyone in the rowing universe! 

Rowing Shell Transportation Services

Is it time to move your shell from your winter home to your summer home?  Did you purchase a shell and need to have it transported to your home, lake front cottage, or to your club? 

Our drivers transport rowing shells all along the Eastern Seaboard from Maine down through Florida. 

Give us a call for a quote today!
Rowing Shell Repair Services

Did you have a mishap and hit that partially submerged log in the lake?  Did a tree fall on your shell during the last storm?  Or maybe the neighbor's son used your shell as a riding toy?

If so, give us a call or send us an email to see if we can help you out.
Free estimates!

Please Email us at adkrowing@roadrunner.comor Call us at 518-745-7699

We are proud to offer Latanzo & Piantedosi Replacement Parts 

Are you looking for a drop in sculling system for your boat or shell? We have them all here!

Just click on the pictures above to learn more about each drop in sculling system.

Does your boat need a storage rack at your club or do you need a storage rack for your home or lakeside cabin?   

Check out these racks!


Always a Classic - The Adirondack Guideboat 15

We are the only company to provide customers the MAAS Aero, MAAS 24, Alden Star, Alden Ocean Shell Single & Double, WinTech Explorer 21 & 24, Adirondack Guideboat 15 & 18, Adirondack Wherry 16 & 20, We-no-nah's Sculling Canoe, the Echo, the Islander, and a large number of other shells all in one location!

"If a company's rowing shell is not on our shoreline they are afraid to compete with the best."



                                Adirondack Series Guideboats                                        Adirondack Wherries

We have found that the sliding seat Guideboats and Wherries out perform most open water shells in rough water in performance & versatility.  

What's on your rower's Wish List?

Not sure which shell is best for you or looking for a quick link to all the boats we offer?  

Check out our "What Shell Should I Buy?" page that lists all the boats we sell.

Rowing Shell Sales

Adirondack Rowing is the world's largest provider of new and used rowing shells and sliding seat family boats.  Since 1971, we have provided access to only the best quality shells and rowing products and in fact have taught more scullers and sold more shells than almost anyone else, including manufacturers. We deliver our customerís shells more efficiently and safely than anyone else. In fact, we remain totally committed to bringing you the best equipment in the quickest and most cost effective way possible for over 38 years.


High-Quality Private Sculling Lessons

Our rowing school has been providing great sculling instruction for over 38 years, specializing in high-quality, and efficient one to one instruction.  Our expert instruction, coupled with low instruction rates, ensures our rowing school is full of happy scullers spring, summer and fall.  Our original mission was to provide private instruction to allow people to replace weeklong rowing camps for people who needed to make time count.


Rowing Shell Rentals

Adirondack Rowing offers rowing shell, guideboat and wherry rentals from dawn to dusk, 7 days a week, from our location or yours.  Enjoy the beauty of an early morning row while on vacation in the Adirondacks.  We are able to provide a variety of shells, guideboats and wherries for rent along with delivery and pick up if necessary. 

One-hour rentals to multi-day rentals available.


Fixed Seat Rowing

Adirondack Rowing is the first place to offer a fixed seat rowing school with demos and rentals.  It occurred to us as a rowing boat company that guideboat education and rental opportunities were non-existent and thereby neglectful of the outdoor publicís wants and needs.


 A peaceful morning at Saranac Lake.

 Rent a rowing shell when you are visiting the Adirondack Mountains. Click here to learn how!                   


EZ-Row - Click this link for a video of the Forward Facing Rower.                  

                            Affordable Sculling Boats                                 Custom Built Wooden Boats


Pete and Karen
(518) 745-7699 (ROWW)

Since we began our sculling school in 1971, we have been, and continue to be, very proud of our unparalleled customer service and our motto to treat others as we would want to be treated.  Over the years we have received unsolicited letters, emails and phone calls, all with the nicest words from our customers, as well as some from people who were not our customers!  We always respond to our customers with our appreciation, as we are very thankful of these kind words.  On our testimonial page we proudly post these phone calls, emails and letters for others to read so they too will know about the high quality of customer service we stand behind here at Adirondack Rowing. 

Please click on this link to read what others have written about our customer service.

I just want to let you know that Bill, Dave, Grigory, and I all had a wonderful time rowing from Long Lake to Ampersand Bay in your Adirondack Guideboats last week.  We greatly appreciated the care you took in explaining everything we needed to know about the boats and wheel-a-weighs, providing us with a repair kit (which did come in handy for retightening some bolts along the way), and instructing the novices in the basics of sculling.   Please also extend my thanks to Karen for her patience in answering the many questions I had before the trip.  M. Schleier, PA.

Just a note to say thank you very much for the great sculling lesson and also to tell you that you ought to change your company motto to "we fix $40 rowing lessons!".  Your class was what we really needed.  We only wished that we would have taken it before our other lesson!  We have never experienced such well thought out, practical and fun instruction.  We learned a lot in the two hours and it really shows in our sculling stroke.  Our friends at the club quickly noticed how much we had improved after we got back from your place.  Thanks again and we are so pleased that we found you!  S & L Paulicek, Pittsburg, PA I can't thank you enough for your service and treatment of me as a first time shell buyer.  In gathering all information possible from every source on rowing you were the standout among all dealers and manufacturers.  Unlike the others you were completely positive, definitive, very thorough and quick to help me out.  This means a lot to us Alaskans because it is difficult to receive what we want in a timely manner.  Rowers would be crazy to deal with anyone other than you. S. Anstin, Fairbanks ALASKA


Thank you so much for having my family at your Rowing School.  We learned so much and had a great time!  My wife and kids enjoyed the rowing so much!  To be able to compare all the shells and family boats in one place is the way to go.  You were so descript on the attributes of MAAS, Alden and Pocock that the decision on which shell to buy was easy.  We plan on coming back next year when our son is old enough for his own shell.  We know he will get the best shell for his needs while on vacation in the Adirondacks or almost anywhere else in the Continental USA.        M. Kellerher, Madison WISC



We want to thank all of our great customers who have been such a support to us over our 40 years of business.  This support has allowed us to continue to bring the best open water shells, wherries and guideboats to your shorelines for enjoyment.

If you are interested in a premium roof rack,
we are also the first Yakima and Thule roof rack dealer on the Internet!

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