Alden Whitehall 16 with Gull Wing Rowing Unit






Gary Piantedosi demonstrating the lightness and ease of carrying the all kevlar Whitehall 16


                                      The white fiberglass hull and wooden gunwales of the Whitehall 16 gives this a beautiful traditional look.

Combining a classic Whitehall with the efficiency and power of sliding eat sculling makes for a fast and seaworthy boat thatís quiet in the water and a pleasure  to row. At 16 feet, the graceful lines and hour glass stern glide over the waves for a dry ride. Originally used as livery boats, the Whitehall V-shape hull becomes more stable as the weight load increases.

                               The Whitehall features our new Gull Wing Folding Rigger system. Stiff and reliable, the rigger quietly folds in and out, nesting below the mahogany gunwales and accommodating higher docks and allows you to. The Gullwing frame stiffens the hull by acting as a reinforcing thwart. This system also allows the Whitehall to be safely towed as a tender or moored.   The rigging can be moved farther forward to accommodate a non-rowing passenger.

The Gullwing is the culmination of Gary Piantedosiís over 30 years of experience designing, manufacturing and open water racing. Built with anodized aluminum, stainless steel fasteners and ball bearing wheels, the Gullwing uses the same reliable and legendary monorail system weíve been building since 1983. Paired with the Gullwing, the Whitehall makes sliding seat rowing a truly elegant exercise experience.


                                                                         Wow! Available rigged as a double as well!       



Length: 16'

Width: Waterline Beam: 24-28" Overall Beam: 32"

Rigged Weight: Hull w/ integrated gunwale 56 lbs (1x)  or 74 lbs (2x)
                            Hull w/ mahogany wood gunwale 76 lbs (1x) or 94 lbs (2x)

Carry Weight: Hull 32 lbs; Removable Folding Rigger System 18 lbs

Functional Wt Cap: Approx. 375 lbs

Construction & Features: Clear or colored gelcoat exterior over carbon reinforced Kevlar.  Carbon fore and aft bulkheads with positive foam flotation, stern drainage system installed in rear bulkhead, water sealed rear storage compartment, bronze bow eye.

Optional- Cover $325, bow and stern bulkhead seat cushion set $225.

Price - Includes hull and rigging. Oars sold separately.

Carbon/Kevlar Hull w/ integrated carbon gunwale      $6,495.00 1x    $7290 2x (excluding freight)

Carbon/Kevlar Hull w/ mahogany wood gunwale         $8,995 1x    (excluding freight)

                                              Ultra-light GullWing Rowing Unit for the Kevlar Whitehall 16


The fine detailing on the gunwale of the kevlar Whitehall 16.