Alden Ocean Shell Double


The Alden Ocean Shell Double is the most versatile open water rowing shell. It offers all the benefits of the Alden Ocean Shell Single, plus the ability to easily setup for double or single rowing.

The Alden 18 is now 18% lighter for now and forever.  Alden has completely revamped the construction process of the Alden 18 to reduce the hull weight by 13 pounds!!

Laura and Mike with their new Alden 18


Row with a partner, take a friend as a passenger or row by yourself. The Alden 18 uses the same exclusive hull design as the Alden Ocean Shell Single, but is a bit longer with a stiffening section to maintain rigidity when loaded. The large cockpit has extra space for storage.

bulletThe Alden 18 is the most versatile open water rowing shell. It offers all the benefits of the Alden 16, plus the ability to easily set up for double or single person rowing.
bulletThe Alden 18 has been rowed all over the world, including an coastal adventure from Alaska to Washington State, loaded with gear. Even on shorter trips, you will appreciate this shell's stability and versatility.

Alden 18 with Brace Krag.JPG

Brace and his sister Wendy enjoying a row in the Alden 18 in Stockbridge, MA

Boat Specs: The Alden 18 UL hull weighs approximately 59 pounds (76 lbs. with one rigging unit). The Alden 18 has a functional weight capacity of 450 lbs, a hull length of 18 feet, a waterline beam of 29 inches and an overall beam of 30 inches.

Hull Construction: Hand laid Fiberglass and Carbon Blend, 12-14 mil. gel coat finish, fore and aft bulkheads with positive foam flotation.

Special Features: Access port and storage bag, bow line, rub rail, single and double rowing positions.

Steve in the Alden 18 during his rowing lesson


Alden Ocean Shell Double                  Single  Double
Hull                                           $3,300.00 $3,300.00
Oarmaster III                                         $795.00 $1,590.00
Assembly/Rigging of Oarmaster II  (highly recommended)     $  35.00  $   70.00
Self-Bailer                                           $  200.00 $   200.00
Deep Fin                                                   N/A N/A
Bow Ball                                                  N/A N/A
Oars                                                $595.00  $1,190.00

(lowest guaranteed)

Total                                                $5,755.00 $6,350.00

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