Durham Boat Club Rec Racer

The Rec Racer comes in two displacement hulls, the Carbon (Ultra-Shell) or "SD Model" and the "LD Model".  The "LD Model" which is a large displacement hull, that would best fit heavier rowers (i.e., greater than 185 lbs. and up to at 240 lbs. in flat conditions). The length and width are the same, but the hull is made deeper to accommodate the heavier weight rower. The standard size hull, which best accommodates rowers up to 185 lb capacity is called the Rec-Racer Carbon (Ultra-Shell) "SD Model" which refers to a standard displacement hull. 

The 2012 Carbon Rec-Racer (Ultra-Shell) is more rigid in construction, yet it is still low in weight and what we consider the best fit and finish on the market today for an entry level or open water racing shells.

The Rec Racer is fun to row and is very responsive and the power transmission is quite good, which results in a very quick shell. It feels a lot like a top end racing shell, but with the stability of a recreational boat. However, it easy to turn especially on a river with many tight turns and can literally turn on a dime. One of the best features is it is easy to carry by one person, because of its low weight.

Durham offers a new foot stretcher option for people that can launch from docks. The Universal Rowing Cross Training (URXT) Snap in Shoe Plate, allows the rower to row using their own shoes for rowing and other activities besides rowing as well. For more information on the K-Swiss and Adidas shoes and snap in shoe plate, please see the following:2012 Shoe Plate Link on the Dreher website. There you will see links to the shoes that are compatible with the shoe plate. You would order your size and style and then have them shipped to us to be modified to fit with your new shoe plate and then to be married up with your new boat.

Features and Specifications:

Rec-Racer Carbon Model in Two Sizes: I. Standard Displacemet and II. Large Displacement
Length 22.25 ft.
Width at gunwale outside flange 21.25 inches
Width at the waterline 16.9 inches
Weight RRUS-I and RRUS-II: 33-37 lbs. (dependent on the size of the boat and size of the shoes)
Hull stiffness Stiff
Capacity SD Hull up to 185 lbs.; LD Hull greater > 185 lbs. up to 240 lbs. in flat water
Oarlock adjustment 158 - 163 cm
Seat 30 cm single action stainless steel ball bearing, carbon/composite large twill seat top with high seat supports
Foot stretcher Dreher Carbon 3-way adjustable, with rowing shoes (red/black or blue/black) - choice of size and color (2012 UXRT shoe plate available as an option)
Rigger Carbon wing with white trim or the color of shoes as the trim
Color White with black trim
Construction of Hull Multi-layer carbon sandwich construction with composite core, vacuum resin infusion.
Coating Premium, white UV inhibited gel coat, made for Marine use.

Rec-Racer Product Highlights
Rec-Racer - Stern View
Rec-Racer - Cockpit Detail
Rec-Racer - Another Stern view
Footstretcher / Wing Detail
30 cm Track Width, Large Seat
Rec-Racer - Side View
Side View of the 2012 Rec-Racer In Action With 2012 Aerodynamic EH Sculls.
The 2012 Rec-Racer In Action with 2012 Aerodynamic EH Sculls.
Wing and Lock Detail
Put Yourself in This Picture
Optional 2012 URXT Shoe Plat and Personal Snap-In Shoes
2012 Rec-Racer II Shown with Optional 2012 URXT Shoe Plate without the Snap-In Shoes.