Adirondack Series Guideboat 15

A new generation of an American Classic

Please note: Over the last few years there has been an overwhelming demand for our Adirondack Guideboats.  In order to ensure that you get your family boat in time for the summer, PLEASE order in advance. 

Ann and Bob enjoying their new Guideboat 15

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VERSATILITY: The Adirondack Series Guideboat 15 can be rowed as a fixed seat or sliding seat single.  There is also plenty of room for a passenger and recreational gear while sculling or rowing.   In fact, the Guideboat 15 can carry a multitude of gear and people very efficiently in calm or rough water conditions.

SEAWORTHY: Unlike racing shells the Guideboat 15 will row right through motorboat wakes, wind chop and small surf. (Do not attempt sea conditions beyond your capability.) This hull is among the driest of all rowboats.

STABILITY: The Guideboat 15 has one of the two fastest traditional Guideboat hull designs while also retaining a high degree of stability in the water. It is an excellent training boat, fishing boat, family boat or cruising boat because of its stability.  As is the case with all guideboats the more weight that is carried the more stable they become due to their superior designed "V" shaped hull.  It tracks beautifully without a fin and only draws a few inches of water with people and gear aboard.

FITNESS: If exercise is important to you, the Guideboat 15 is your boat. It provides excellent cross training for cyclists and joggers as well as all other sports.  In fact, you might abandon your other sport! The Guideboat 15 allows total aerobic (low-impact) exercise in a peaceful environment.  No other rowing boat or rowing shell will do what this hull will do for fitness.

PERFORMANCE: This Guideboat design has covered the 65 mile round trip Lake George to Ticonderoga distance in record time consistently over the last six years. It has made the 65 mile Ticonderoga run in less than 12 hours, without a sliding seat unit!  This hull will out row and out distance most open water shells in rough or calm water.  The Guideboat 15 will row all day at 5 mph easily, 6 to 7 mph with  moderate exertion 8 to 10 mph at race pace by seasoned scullers.



Oliver and Millie enjoying a row in Maine                    

Length: 15 feet 9 inches
Beam: 37" at shear, 18" at waterline
Draft: 4 inches
Hull Weight: 70 lbs.
Piantedosi Ro-Wing Weight: 18 lbs. each
Capacity: 550 lbs.


Hand Laid Hull with Cloth and Roving in Isothalic Resin
Cored Deck
Varnished Mahogany gunnels and nose pieces

Positive flotation located in the bow and stern compartments


Hull Color:  White (other colors can be requested)
Wheel A Way  $325.00
Trailex Trailers


Hull:                        $4,650.00                       
Self-Bailer                 Included
Sliding Seat            $  795.00                          
Assembly               $    35.00                          
Sculling Oars          $  595.00                            
Freight               (Guaranteed lowest)
Total                      $6,075.00                         

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