Adirondack Series Guideboat 18

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Please note: Over the last few years there has been an overwhelming demand for our Adirondack Series boats and, in particular, the Guideboat 18.  In order to ensure that you get your family boat in time for the summer, PLEASE order well in advance.  Now is the time to get into these great recreational boats!!  

Bill and Dave enjoying Stony Creek

The Adirondack Series Guideboat 18 is an incredible boat. 

Built from one of the two fastest Guideboat hull designs, it is in the top end of family boats for performance & versatility. 

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Whether training for racing in open water, increasing strength without loss of flexibility, family fun, or even fishing, the Adirondack Series Guideboat 18 is an exceptional boat.  The Guideboat 18 can also be rowed as a fixed seat, single or double, as well as a sliding seat single or double.  It can be sculled as a single or double with passengers (it's truly comfortable) and plenty of additional gear.  The Guideboat 18 can also take a low thrust electric motor and travel for hours quietly and at good speed with incredible efficiency.


Unlike recreational & racing shells, the Guideboat 18 will row through the roughest of waves, either from nature or motor boats.  (It is an exceptional boat but do not attempt water conditions beyond your ability.)   Whether rowed as a single or a double, with or without additional recreational gear, or with an electric motor, the Guideboat 18 will keep you dry in all water conditions.

       (Heather  & Gunnar Baldwin and their new Guideboat 18 on Key West)    

 Read their testimonial!


The Guideboat 18 is one of the two fastest Guideboat hull designs.  It is one of the most stable boats that you will ever row, and it may be considered a top race boat (it finished the 90 mile race of the Adirondacks in high order in its first year) that does double duty as a long distance cruiser (it carries well over 800 lbs. -- at speed).  It is easily the most efficient of all family hull designs.  The Adirondack Guideboats become more stable with heavier loads due to the superior "V" shaped hull design.


The Guideboat 18 is one of the premier exercise boats.  It is the ultimate cross trainer.  It increases strength without loss of flexibility, helps greatly in second wind acquisition without over training, and helps you keep your peak longer in other competitions.  Rowing is the best aerobic, low impact, progressively resistant form of top quality strength building.  In the shortest period of time you can achieve a superior workout.


The Guideboat 18 has covered the 90 mile race of the Adirondacks in record times.  It has performed faster than all recreational rowing shell doubles now in existence and is as responsive as recreational doubles and many recreational singles.  A leisurely and comfortable  "row all day pace" by rowers is 4 to 5 mph.  A 5 to 6 mph pace can be maintained with moderate exertion and a 7 to 8 mph pace is achievable by seasoned rowers.  All these speeds are increased when rowing the Guideboat 18 as a double.


Length: 18 feet
Beam:   42 in
Draft:   4 in
Hull Weight: 85 lbs.
Piantedosi RoWing Weight: 16 lbs
Capacity: 850 lbs


Hand Laid Hull with Cloth and Roving in Isothalic Resin
Cored Deck
Varnished or Oiled Mahogany Wood Trim

                         Varnished Trim

                          Oiled Trim


Hull Color:  White - other colors can be requested
Passenger Seat  $225.00
Trailex Trailers


                          Guideboat 18              

 Guideboat 18 rigged as a double   

Hull:                        $4,750.00                       Hull:                         $4,750.00                      
Self-Bailer                Included              Self-Bailer                  Included                               
Sliding Seat                $795.00                           Sliding Seat             $1,590.00 ($795. x 2)                         
Assembly                     $35.00                        Assembly                 $ 70.00  ($35. x2)                     
Sculling Oars              $595.00                       Sculling Oars            $1,190.00 ($595. x 2)                      
Freight              (Guaranteed lowest) Freight                      (Guaranteed lowest)
Total                       $6,175.00                      Total                         $7,600.00                     


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