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MAAS Single Scull


Designed primarily as a club racer the MAAS Single Scull is exceptionally stable, stiff and durable at a weight close to shells costing thousands of dollars more (35 lbs., 33.5 lbs. with performance package).

Carbon fiber/S glass composite construction with a Nomex honeycomb/carbon fiber I-beam creates a very tough and rigid boat that is easily repaired if damaged.

The aluminum wing rigger allows for a lowering of the sculler's center of gravity, greatly enhancing stability without the lackluster performance normally associated with stable boats. This ease of set up translates to greater speed when the rower cannot consistently apply full power in choppy water or when there is less than perfect sculler balance.

Highly adjustable rigging and our unique flared hull design allow the Single Scull to fit a wide range of people (see design and constructions section of this website). Scullers ranging in weight from 130 lbs. to 220 lbs. successfully race this boat.

It's light. It's easy to set up. It's fast, stiff and durable. A carbon fiber club single at an affordable price.

Hull construction is exceptional - carbon fiber, (very stiff and light), direct size "S" glass (for outstanding impact resistance), and vinyl ester resin (epoxy-like toughness without the need for high temperature curing).

Deflection tests show the MAAS SINGLE SCULL to be comparable with an Empacher. Overall, in terms of stiffness, weight, and adjustability, the MAAS SINGLE SCULL can match boats costing thousands of dollars more.

The MAAS SINGLE is easily repaired, a fact greatly appreciated by anyone who has attempted to repair a KEVLAR-skinned, honeycomb shell.

MAAS's innovative design and construction is demonstrated at the critical hull-to-deck joint. An external lip provides a very strong bond, increased longitudinal stiffness and, in choppy water, less water on deck.

The CALF-SAVER calf guard, a protective piece installed across the track ends, is designed to prevent "boat bite." You can't row at 100% in an uncomfortable shell.

The rigger is a state of the art, one-piece aluminum wing, with epoxy powder coat. It is fully adjustable for height, spread, pitch, and work-through-the-pin.

Weight, 33 lbs., fully rigged or 31.5 lbs. with Performance Package - carbon fiber/ball bearing seat, titanium oarlock pins, carbon fiber foot stretchers.

Width, 12 inches at waterline. Length, 27'1"

Maximum rower weight: 225 lbs


NOTE: Unlike the MAAS 24 and AERO, the dimensions of the MAAS SINGLE SCULL are consistent with top of the line racing singles. The MAAS SINGLE SCULL is not recommended for open-water rowing or for beginning scullers.



Hull                                  $6,500.00
Self-Bailer                           $  N/A
Deep Fin                            $   50.00
Bow Ball                           included
Oars                                   $ 625.00 (Dreher Hatchet)
Freight              (lowest guaranteed)
Total                                 $7,175.00

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