Affordable Sculling Boats

Shown below are three of our most affordable sculling boats.  The We-no-nah Adirondack Canoe, the Talon and Talon II and the Horizon.  The Canoe can be switched quickly and easily from a sculling boat to a paddle boat in a matter of only a few minutes.  The Talon II is a wonderful double sculling boat and the Horizon is a great club use or family use hull, made from rotational molded polyethylene.


Jason in a We-No-Nah Adirondack 16'

We-No-Nah Canoes and a Piantedosi Ro-Wing 

an affordable, highly enjoyable rowing experience. 

        Alden Horizon

The Horizon by Alden

The Horizon is rugged enough for family and club use

 a great way to get into rowing at a great price.