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Rowing Accessories

(Our largest touring boat, The Adirondack Guideboat 18, on the pneumatic boat dolly)


New and Improved Pneumatic Boat Dolly $325.00


Wheels are 16 x 4, fully pneumatic tires 

Large wheels easily transport the largest shell

Constructed of heavy duty anodized aluminum struts and axles for strength with  polypropylene straps

Dual stabilizer legs holds dolly upright to facilitate single-handed loading

Easily adjustable width, slimmer or wider, depending on your boat's width

'Thiemann Tee

Small Aluminum Slings

$130.00 pair

Extremely compact and light, a scaled down version of the "Atlanta" sling, the "Sydney" sling is designed especially for singles and doubles. Weighing less than 8 pounds per set, you can leave them in the trunk of your car until your next row.  They are made of durable, rust resistant aluminum.



'Atlanta' Sling

Large Aluminum Slings

$150.00 pair

Able to fold flat to less than 4 inches and weighing about 11 pounds a pair, the "Atlanta" sling is built to survive the toughest conditions. The "Atlanta" Slings are very popular with the owners of the Guideboat 15 and 18, Wherries, Appledore Pods and the Heritage Dories.  They are made of durable, rust resistant aluminum.





Super Soft Straps    $36.00 a pair

Anything secured with our Soft Straps is snug, because pulling on the free end of the strap cinches it. As pressure is added to the strap by a load, the teeth-lined cam buckle grips tighter.  The 1.5" polypropylene straps hold up to 1200 lbs!  



  Inflatable Safety Vest  $135.00 

Inflatable protection that you wear is better than PFDs that you store on the boat. This short style inflatable vest lets you row in comfort and security. Inflates with a CO2 cartridge or manual mouth tube. Replacement cartridges available.  XS, S, M, L, XL



Oar Bag  $150.00


Made of nylon pack cloth with quilted lining


Full-length zipper for ease of fit


Inside divider to separate oar blades


Available to accommodate 296 & 298 cm




Shell Covers

For the MAAS Aero, 24, Single and Alden Star

Lined Covers  $489.00   Unlined Covers  $419.00


Made of Sunbrela material (an acrylic canvas), has a nylon quilted lining


Velcro rigger slots (specific to your boat) allow you to cover your boat while fully rigged.


Contrasting red bow and stern ends, reflective safety piping and sewn-in red tail flags are all standard.


Heavy duty coil zipper zips from both bow and stern ends, meeting at rigger location.


Lined covers have quilted lining.  Quilted lining provides extra protection while traveling.


Standard color is Pacific Blue, however you can have a custom cover made of Red, Yellow, Silver, Navy or Forest Green.