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About Us

Welcome to Adirondack Rowing

Peter and Karen (Owner and Operation’s Manager)

As a valued fellow Rowing and Sculling enthusiast, you are entitled to learn about the best new and used rowing products anywhere on earth and have access to their purchase with unbeatable savings and services.

Hi!  I’m Peter Gallo.  Since 1971, I have been the owner and instructor of Adirondack Rowing. Since the first time I rowed in my teens, I have shared my experience with others. Karen joined me in in the early 1990s and once introduced to sculling, became an avid sculling enthusiast herself. We have always encouraged and promoted rowing as a great form of physical and mental exercise. This love has evolved into the country’s oldest and largest rowing shell dealership, Adirondack Rowing

I founded this company on three main principles:

  • Any and all people interested in rowing should be treated well and have all information available to them in their quest to learn about rowing.
  • It should be possible to experience all the highest quality shells available on the market and be able to row them in one beautiful place at one time to make the best comparison. This offers the most objective selection and comparison process.
  • Everyone interested in learning how to scull technically well should be able to do so and not give up a lot of time and money in the process. They should be able to learn to scull injury-free and technically well in a short time.

Some of the most frequently asked questions about Adirondack Rowing are answered below. Any other questions you may have will gladly be answered when you call or email.

Who Are We and What Do We Do?

Adirondack Rowing is the world’s largest provider of new and used rowing shells. We are totally committed to customer service and satisfaction. We offer only superior quality shells and sculls. We do not carry anything less. Since 1971, we have provided access to only fine rowing products. In fact, we have sold more shells and taught more scullers than almost anyone else including manufacturers. We deliver your shells more efficiently and safely directly to your door. In fact, we are totally committed to bring you the best equipment in the quickest and most cost effective manner.

What Else Do We Offer?

We have the only rowing school where you can receive the best instruction and row all of the best shells, one after another, on a beautiful quiet Adirondack lake. Then, when you have made all the comparisons yourself and discussed options with us, you know you have made the best choice for your goals and your waterway. We even credit a portion of the instructional fee towards your purchase of any new shell at anytime!

Check Out Our Rowing School

All shells come with $100.00 for each and every referral with sale on new shells and $50.00 for each and every referral with used shell sale for life.

What Does This Mean To You?

It means your complete satisfaction. It means top notch equipment already researched and selected from a myriad of companies. It means you get the best company and the best treatment…Adirondack Rowing.

What Do We Want From You?

Your input, questions, and requests for information. Call or email when you want current information about superior quality rowing equipment.

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