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Adirondack Wherry 16

In 2012, production was discontinued. Though the Adirondack Wherry 16 cannot be purchased new, we sometimes carry used Adirondack Wherry 16s. Please check our used boat page.

The Adirondack Wherry 16 is a great addition to our Adirondack Series family

The Adirondack Wherry 16 is made of fiberglass and gelcoat construction and has beautifully handcrafted mahogany gunwales. The wineglass stern helps the Wherry to track straight as an arrow with all weighs. If exercise is important to you, this Wherry 16 is a boat for you. This Wherry 16 hull is 4 feet shorter than our standard Adirondack Wherry and is 30 pounds lighter. 

This Wherry 16 is for the rowers who love the look of the wherry but need a boat that one person can car top alone. It provides excellent cross training for cyclists and joggers. In fact, you might abandon your other sport! The Adirondack Wherry allows total aerobic (low-impact) exercise in the peaceful environment of calm water.


Length: 16 feet
Beam: 40″
Hull Weight: 70 lbs
Ro-Wing Sliding seat Rowing Unit Weight: 16 lbs each
Capacity: 500 lbs


Foam Flotation (fore and aft)
Hand Laid Hull with Cloth and Roving in Isothalic Resin
Andersen Bailer
Varnished Mahogany Trim
Hull Color:  White

Last Known Pricing for the Adirondack Wherry 16 hull was $3,695


Guaranteed Lowest Freight

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