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Adirondack Wherry

The Perfect Touring and Family Boat

Please note: Over the last few years there has been an overwhelming demand for our Adirondack Series boats. In order to ensure that you receive your boat in time for the summer, PLEASE order in advance. Now’s the time to get out on the water in these great recreational boats!

VERSATILITY:  The Adirondack Series Wherry can be rowed as a single, a double, or a single with a passenger. In fact, the Adirondack Wherry can carry up to three adults; or two adults and two children. Change the sculling configuration in seconds!

SEAWORTHY:  Unlike racing shells, the Adirondack Series Wherry will row right through motorboat wakes, wind chop, and small surf. However, do not attempt sea conditions beyond your capability.

Don and his pal Amber enjoying the Adirondack Wherry

STABILITY:  The Adirondack Wherry has a 3 foot beam at the shear (approximately 2 feet at the water line) making it very stable in the water. It is an excellent training boat, fishing boat, family boat or cruising boat.

FITNESS:  If exercise is important to you, the Adirondack Series Wherry is your boat. It provides excellent cross-training for cyclists and joggers. In fact, you might abandon your other sport! The Adirondack Wherry allows total aerobic (low-impact) exercise in the peaceful environment of calm water. Wildlife won’t hear you until you are quite close, so carry a camera!

Karen and Dan enjoying the Adirondack Wherry on Schroon Lake

PERFORMANCE: Although the Adirondack Wherry is too large to have racing shell performance, it is not slow. The Adirondack Wherry finished 3rd in the Heart of Texas Regatta (Recreational 20 ft and Under Division), 4th in the Head of the Chattahoochee Regatta (Recreational Short Boat Division), and 1st in the South Walton Sport Fest Three Mile Head Race (Recreational Double Division). 

Tom enjoying the lake in his new Adirondack Wherry


Length: 20 feet
Beam: 37″ at shear, 24″ at waterline
Draft: 5 inches
Hull Weight: 85 – 90 lbs
Ro-Wing Sliding seat Rowing Unit Weight: 16 lbs each
Capacity: 600 lbs


Foam Flotation (fore and aft)
Hand Laid Hull with Cloth and Roving in Isothalic Resin
Andersen Bailer
Varnished Mahogany Trim
Hull Color:  White, Navy, Green, Dove Grey, Red, Yellow

Peter enjoying his Dad’s fire-engine red Adirondack Wherry


Passenger Seat take a look at this beautiful and comfortable passenger seat that screws right into the stern position of the wherry!
Oars Dreher carbon fiber, ultra light, adjustable handle macon or hatchet oars.
Second Ro-Wing – the finest rowing geometry you will find in a drop in rowing unit.

Pricing for the Adirondack Wherry as a single:

$6,500      Hull, including self-bailer
$   795      Ro-Wing sliding seat rowing unit
$   660      Dreher carbon fiber, adjustable handle, light-weight, macon sculling oars (Hatchet available)
$7,955      Total boat purchase

Pricing for the Adirondack Wherry as a double:

$6,500      Hull, including self-bailer
$1,590      Ro-wing Sliding seat rowing unit
$1,320      Dreher carbon fiber, adjustable handle, light-weight macon sculling oars (Hatchet available)
$9,410      Total boat purchase

Guaranteed Lowest Freight

Do you have to trailer your Adirondack Wherry to the water? Check out the Trailex Trailers.
These trailers are lightweight and easy to manage. Perfect for towing!

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Lynne getting ready to row his new Adirondack Wherry in San Francisco Bay – Take a look at this article about Lynne rowing at Open Water Rowing Center https://www.owrc.com/blog/2023/9/15/member-profile-lynne-miller

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