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Alden 26

Prior to 2005, the Alden 26’s production was discontinued. Though the Alden 26 cannot be purchased new, we sometimes carry used Alden 26 rowing shells. Please check our used boat page.

The Next Generation of a Rowing Tradition

The Alden 26 is designed to be both affordable and race worthy.  Before the Alden 26 rowers looking for racing shells had two choices: Elite competition singles are stiff light, and elegantly designed but also expensive and fragile.  Club singles, while less expensive are durable, tend to be heavy, and lack the beauty of the classic shell.

The Alden 26 was conceived based on the knowledge of what the experienced rower wants, designed using hull CAD software, and executed with the skill that comes with 25 years of experience.  The Alden 26 provides the dimensions and beauty of an elite boat at the price and durability of a club single.


  1. Computer-aided hull design strikes a balance between low wetted surface area, high hull speed, and stability
  2. An internal “I” beam truss, connecting the carbon fiber hull and carbon fiber reinforced deck provides superior stiffness.
  3. Rigged for comfort and efficiency.  The Alden 26 is fully adjustable for heel cup height, oarlock height, spread, and work through the pin —  allowing easy set up for scullers of different heights and weights.


  1. Advanced composite technology, including carbon fiber cloth, stitched fiberglass, vacuum bonding, and resin infusion, all aimed at producing a very stiff, light weight boat.
  2. The gel coat finish used offers unmatched durability and ease of repair.
  3. The internal flange between the deck and the hull provides sleek, functional lines, and a strong but beautiful joint.  The hull and deck fit to a tight tolerance and are expertly crafted.  In addition, the joint is reinforced on the inside for added strength.


  1. The Alden 26 features the highest quality hardware, stainless steel fasteners, and hard coat anodized aluminum for maximum corrosion protection and long life.
  2. A custom molded carbon fiber seat and foot stretcher are designed for optimal ergonomics.
  3. Years of experience in open water rowing have taught us the value of a strong functional wash box.  The top of the wash box is reinforced to make storing and transporting the Alden 26 simple.


Length: 26’1″
Beam: 11″ at waterline
Hull Weight: 35 lbs rigged
Capacity: 275 lbs heavyweight / 175 lbs lightweight


Hull laminate: Carbon fiber/vinyl ester/vacuum bonded
Deck laminate: Carbon fiber/stitched fiberglass/vinyl ester/vacuum bonded
Rigger: Anodized tubular aluminum, removable gull wing design
Footstretcher: Custom molded carbon fiber/foam/fiberglass
Seat: Custom molded carbon fiber


Last Known Pricing For a New Alden 26 (2005): $4,149 Hull and Rigging

Guaranteed Lowest Freight

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