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Alden Appledore Pod

Prior to 2010, the Alden Appledore Pod’s production was discontinued. Though the Alden Appledore Pod 16 and Appledore 19 cannot be purchased new, we often carry used Alden Appledore Pods. Please check our used boat page.

Doc Lanning and Diego enjoying the water in their Appledore Pod


The Alden Appledore Pod 16 and Appledore Pod 19 are rugged sliding seat rowing boats. They both have plenty of extra room for passengers, gear or even your favorite dog! The Appledore Pods can be set up for single or double rowing. The Appledore Pod also converts to a quick sailboat when outfitted with the sailing package. The Appledore Pod’s traditional looks and seaworthiness are inherited from the classic pea pod boats, which have been rowed in New England waters for over 200 years.

The Alden Appledore is the ultimate family rowing boat designed to offer the ease of a traditional fixed seat pulling boat and the excitement of a sliding seat boat. The Appledore Pod 19 is one of the largest and most stable of the sliding seat boats and easily carries two rowers and two children. The Appledore Pod, when purchased with the fixed and sliding seat option, can convert from fixed to sliding seat in less than one minute.

Appledore Pod 16

Appledore Pod 19


16 feet

19 feet

Waterline Beam



Overall Beam



Hull Weight

97 lbs

145 lbs

Weight Capacity

450 lbs

500 lbs

 Hull Construction

Hand laid fiberglass, 12-14 mil gel coat finish 
Sealed fore and aft chambers
Positive floatation  
Two full length stringers for stiffness
Available in elegant Western red cedar (70 lb hull weight)

 Special Features

Varnished mahogany trim
Single and double rowing positions 
Sailing rig (optional)
Two piece, nesting version (optional)
Appledore 19 has two pairs of bronze oarlocks included for fixed seat rowing


Hull: Classic White

Last Known Pricing for new Alden Appledore Pod 16s (2008):

$4,160      Appledore Pod Hull, including self-bailer

Last Known Pricing for new Alden Appledore Pod 19s (2008):

$5,860      Appledor Pod Hull, including self-bailer

                                                    Guaranteed Lowest Freight on used Alden Appledore Pods

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