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Alden Martin

Prior to 2006, the Alden Martin’s production was discontinued as the Alden Star had become so popular. Though the Alden Martin cannot be purchased new, we often carry used Alden Martin rowing shells. Please check our used boat page.

Mary enjoying her Alden Martin

The Alden Martin is the fastest 20 foot long shell using the removable Oarmaster sliding seat rowing unit. The Alden Martin’s cockpit coaming makes it a very dry shell to row, even in less than ideal conditions. The dropped stern eliminates the need for a skeg, so you can beach the hull without fear of damage and the cockpit has plenty of room for gear. 

Length: 20′ 6″
Beam: 19″ at waterline; overall beam 22″
Hull Weight: 50 lbs without the Oarmaster drop in unit
Capacity: 275 lbs

High-sided cockpit coaming to keep the rower dry
Bow line
Foam flotation
Color combinations: Deck and Hull: Smoke White with dual deck pin stripe

Alden Martin

Gloria enjoying her new Alden Martin

Last Known Pricing For a New Alden Martin (2006):

$2,399      Alden Martin Hull, including self-bailer

                                                    Guaranteed Lowest Freight on used Alden Martin Shells

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