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Alden Quest

The Alden Quest’s production was discontinued in 2014. Though the Alden Quest cannot be purchased new, we often carry used Alden Quest rowing shells. Please check our used boat page.

The Alden Quest 16 weighs less than 45 lbs and is the ultimate recreational touring shell. The Quest is built on the same exceptionally stable hull as the Alden Ocean Shell Single, offering all of the performance for which the Alden Ocean Shell Single is known. The advantage of the Quest is its integrated deck, sliding seat, foot stretcher and the same bolt-on rigger system as the Alden Star

The large, watertight, rectangular storage hatch is standard and ideal for carrying lots of gear. The Quest is a great shell that performs well on both open and flat water and its 16-foot length makes it easy to lift, transport and car top. The bolt-on rigger takes only seconds to install and remove for storage and transport.

Length: 16 feet
Beam: 25″ overall beam; 24″ at waterline
Hull Weight: 45 lbs rigged
Capacity: 225 lbs


Hand laid fiberglass thermoplastic polymers, 12-14 mm gel coat marine finish
Bow line
Extra large rectangular port and storage bag
Positive foam flotation
Andersen Bailer
Color combinations: Deck: Classic White, Ocean Blue, British Racing Green  Hull: Classic White


Pricing for the Alden Quest (last know pricing from 2014 – Alden Quests are currently not in production):

$3,595      Alden Quest Hull, including self-bailer

                                                                                                                     Guaranteed Lowest Freight

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