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Alden Star

The Alden Star’s production was discontinued in 2014. Though the Alden Star cannot be purchased new, we often carry used Alden Star rowing shells. Please check our used boat page.

Amy enjoying her new Alden Star

The Alden Star is an open water racer designed by experts in open water rowing. The advanced hydrodynamic hull design incorporates a unique reverse transom and step stern to reduce drag and increase lift. Central positioning of the rower and even distribution of fore and aft hull volume provides equal buoyancy at the catch and finish of the stroke to reduce pitch and drag. The flat bottom provides stability while the slightly flared bow provides lift over waves, helping to maintain a powerful, even stroke.

The Alden Star positions the rower for maximum performance. Concept II oarlocks are placed forward of the uniquely designed canted rigger that allows rowing through the pin at the catch for a longer stroke. Rigging is mounted with internal and external plates to insure strength, but allows the rigging to be removed in less than one minute. Oarlocks can be adjusted for pitch, spread range (60″ – 65″), and height with extra long oarlock pins to provide the vertical adjustment for varying water conditions. Individual teak clogs can be adjusted for splay angle, stance width, and heel cup height. 

Anatoli enjoying his new Alden Star


Length: 21′ 8″ feet
Beam: 21.8″ overall beam; 18.4″ at waterline
Hull Weight: 45 lbs rigged
Capacity: 275 lbs

Vacuum bagged laminate of stitched fiberglass and vinyl ester resin, 10-12 mm gel coat finish
Full length foam spine, I-beam construction
Air bag flotation
Enclosed skeg box

Two access ports
Water bottle holder
Removable bow line
Andersen Bailer
Color combinations: Deck: Smoke White, Regatta Yellow / Hull: Smoke White

Pricing for the Alden Star (last know pricing from 2014 – Stars are currently not in production):

$4,095      Alden Star Hull, including self-bailer

                                                                                                                  Guaranteed Lowest Freight

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