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Annapolis Wherry Tandem

Annapolis Wherry Tandem rigged as a single

The Annapolis Wherry is one of the most popular sliding seat wherries of all time. The Annapolis Wherry Tandem has been made a little longer to accommodate two Ro-Wing sliding seat rowing units. This Annapolis Wherry Tandem can row as a single, as a double, and as a single with a passenger and/or gear. Switching between tandem rowing, passenger, and single rowing takes just moments as wing nuts hold the sliding seat rowing units in place. The 650-pound payload (including sliding seat units) means that any combination of single rower, two rowers, or a rower with adult or child passengers will be comfortable.

The Performance of the Annapolis Wherry Tandem matches the original Annapolis Wherry Single, though the scale has changed as the length has been stretched for an additional two feet (beam and depth remain the same). With two rowers, top speeds are definitely in the “racing” category and in skilled hands, that speed can be maintained in rough chop or swells, making this a great open water racer. The bow has enough volume to get up and over waves, and the lapstrake planking helps knock down spray making the Wherry a very dry ride. Tracking is very good in all conditions, light or heavy.

Bow Interior

Stern Interior

Length: 19′ 10″
Beam: 38″ 
Hull Weight: 90 lbs
Ro-Wing Sliding Seat Rowing Unit Weight: 16 lbs each
Capacity: 650 lbs




The Annapolis Wherry Tandem has a beautiful and sophisticated shape. The computer-cut okoume planks are assembled to length using “puzzle joints,” which ensure fast and accurate alignment. The planks are drawn up to a beautiful and traditional “wineglass” transom. Fiberglass reinforces the bottom panels inside and out, and epoxy saturates the entire structure for longevity and low maintenance.

Rowing the Annapolis Wherry Tandem as a single, you definitely notice the extra weight compared to the Annapolis Wherry single, but the Tandem is still fast and fun. All things being equal, the smaller Annapolis Wherry single is faster with anyone who weighs less than about 210 pounds. If you will almost always row single and without a passenger or heavy gear, consider purchasing the Annapolis Wherry Single.

About LapStitch™ Construction

Lapstrake construction is a boatbuilding method that reaches back thousands of years into the dim mists of time. Although lapstrake hull shapes evolved over millennia (many would suggest that the type reached a high water mark with the Viking longboats), the actual building method was little changed right up into the 20th century. Planks were nailed or riveted together, and the technique required prodigious ability on the part of boatbuilders. Over the last 30 years, the advent of modern adhesives and high quality marine plywoods brought about the first major innovation in lapstrake building methods: glued plywood lapstrake hulls. Glued lapstrake planking permits very strong, stiff, and beautiful hulls that never leak. This is progress, but glued lapstrake planking still requires molds and considerable skill in layout and joinery; certainly not ideal for novice builders.

Using sophisticated computer design software, we are not able to devise hull shapes that will assume a round-bottomed shape without molds or “torturing” of the wood. A special “rabbet”, or groove, is machined into each strake so that the strakes are self-aligning. They are wired together just like a stitch-and-glue kayak. When the LapStitch joints are filled with epoxy, the result is a remarkably stiff and strong hull that is outwardly indistinguishable from traditional lapstrake planking. Even better, the strength of the LapStitch joint is such that the designs require comparatively little fiberglass or fillet work, making them especially easy to build. LapStitch combines the unquestioned grace of lapstrake hulls with the proven ease of stitch-and-glue construction. 

Bow Hull

Stern Hull










Pricing for an Annapolis Wherry Tandem Rigged as a Single:

$6,540      Annapolis Wherry Tandem Hull
$   795      Ro-Wing Sliding Seat rowing unit
$   660      Dreher carbon fiber, adjustable handle, light-weight macon sculling oars (Hatchet available)
$7,995      Total boat purchase


Pricing for an Annapolis Wherry Tandem Rigged as a Double:

$6,540       Annapolis Wherry Tandem Hull
$1,590      Ro-Wing Sliding Seat Rowing Units
$1,320      Dreher carbon fiber, adjustable handle, light-weight macon sculling oars (Hatchet available)
$9,450      Total boat purchase

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