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Dreher Sculling Oars

The best oar blade for recreational rowing.

If you are interested in Dreher’s Little Big Blade please click here.

Dreher Adjustable Length Macon Oars are designed for the recreational, master, or youth rower who wants the same choice of specifications as the competitive rower. The features and adjustments for the Dreher oars include adjustable length, 2 blade types (Macon or Dreher’s Little Big Blade), and two macon blade sizes, 17 cm Kinder blade, which are perfect for women and younger rowers, and an 18 cm touring blade. Dreher also offers a 19 cm Macon blade as well; though we do not stock this size blade, we can order them for you.

Proportions of the Dreher macon blade are reminiscent of the “tulip” shape blades in the 60’s which were shorter and wider than the typical Macon blade shape. The new symmetrical shape is much easier to handle due to the lighter weight composite carbon fiber construction of present day oars relative to the wood construction used in the ’60’s. Entry and exit from the water is very smooth, constant depth is apparent during the drive and it is easier to row “oars squared.”

The ability to row at race cadence and to achieve speeds comparable to what we are able to do with “Big Blades” is a pleasant surprise. At the very least, Dreher is confident that their dedicated group of customers will be very pleased with these symmetrical, spoon-shaped oars. The macon blade shape has the best features of both the Macon and the Big Blade design and is especially appealing to the recreational, intermediate, and master level scullers.

Kinder Blade: The Kinder oars are Dreher’s traditional 17cm wide by 48.4 cm long Macon blades that are perfect for young rowers and female rowers. The Kinder oars have a total oar length of 289 – 290 cm. The Kinder blade has the smallest blade area of any that Dreher sells at 713 sq. cm. It is a very popular blade in Europe.

Pricing for Dreher Touring or Kinder Oars:

$660   Dreher Touring or Kinder Oars – per pair

Measurement on back of oar collars

Front of Blade

Back of Blade






Length Adjustment: +/- 5 cm of continuous adjustment standard
Replaceable blade: standard feature
Blade Shape: Kinder blade 17 cm
Touring blade 18 cm
Rig: Average length and average inboard set by customer
Collars & Sleeves: Red sleeves with black collars
Handle sizes: Medium handles on the Touring
Small handles on the Kinder
Grip type: Martinoli black grips for the Touring 18 cm blade
Martinoli green grips for the
Kinder 17 cm blade
Shaft Stiffness: Standard stiffness
Construction: Unidirectional carbon prepreg and syntactic foam core for the blade
Blade Surface preparation: Class “A” black high gloss finish

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