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Echo Islander

Echo Rowing has found kayakers are expressing more and more interest in converting to rowing not only for the health benefits, but for the increased distance that can covered in a rowing shell versus a kayak. The Islander is the answer to their search for a faster boat that has more storage capability. Echo Rowing has been able to effortlessly load a 5-person tent, sleeping bag, pad, hike-stove, fuel, water, camera, food, and change of clothes for a week in the Islander hull.

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The Islander has the ability to take you to picturesque locations – or perhaps a quiet lunch cruise away from the busy harbor. The Islander appeals not only wanderlust travelers but to long distance rowers and paddlers alike by solving water-tight storage needs and complicated rigging problems.

Fully rigged the Islander weighs 66 lbs, making this shell easy to maneuver on land as well as loading on top of your car for excursions away from home. Whether you are gearing up for a day trip, island hopping this summer or are in search of a boat to take you from “erg” to “oar”, the Islander is for those in search of the perfect boat to take you to your weekend getaway further, faster.

Two 7.5 inch water tight Kayak Sport hatches allow full access to both ends of the shell. A six foot fishing pole easily stows forward with room for tackle or camping gear. Convenient room under the seat tracks makes your day or immediate needs readily accessible – water, a snack, a jacket above the tackle box. The aft hatch serves for storage of overnight gear or gear needed while ashore.

Echo Islander Cockpit


Length: 18 feet
Waterline Length: 17′ 3″
Beam on Deck: 26″
Beam at Waterline: 21″
Hull Weight: 66 – 68 lbs
Capacity: 260 lbs


Echo Folding Rigger System ™ – composite construction with Concept II locks
Carbon Fiber Foot stretcher
Carbon Fiber Seat
Over 5 cubic feet of storage fore and aft
Rigger restraining strap – orange buckle doubles as Coast Guard approved whistle
Built in suction bailer (standard)
Seat (fiberglass and foam composite)
Carrying handles built into bow and stern


$6,150      Echo Hull*, including self-bailer
$   660      Dreher carbon fiber, adj handle, lt-wt macon sculling oars (Hatchet available)
$6,810      Total boat purchase

*a full color deck, other than white, is an additional $350 – Red or Yellow deck color option available

 Guaranteed Lowest Freight

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