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Echo Rowing Mirror

This rowing mirror is specifically used with the Echo Rowing shell’s carbon footstretcher assembly that is standard with the Echo Sport.  This mirror can be adjusted to almost any position as the arm and mirror head can rotate for fine tuning to get the perfect view. 

This mirror has an adapter to the Echo Classic or Echo Islander that have the wooden foot clog footstretcher.  Other rowing shells that utilize a footstretcher tube similar to the footstretcher in the picture below, can also utilize this great mirror.

The mirror adapter slides right into the footstretcher tube and can be used on either the starboard or port side of the rowing shell. The mirror comes with two adapters for different size footstretcher tubes.

Echo Rowing Mirror

Mirror Head Width – 3″
Height of arm – 4.5″
Total width – 4″
Weight – 7.4 oz

If you are looking for a mirror to attach to your oarlock pin, we recommend this mirror.

Pricing $29.95 per mirror.

Echo Rowing Mirror

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