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Echo Sport

The Echo Sport features the unique Echo Folding Rigger system which makes it easy for one person to transport.  At 55 pounds fully rigged, the Echo Sport weighs the same as a comparably sized sea kayak and can easily be “car topped” without the hassle of cumbersome rigging.

The Echo Sport has two 4” cockpit watertight access ports with cat bags for keys, wallets, phones and accessories. There is also a built in suction bailer in the cockpit along with carrying handles on the bow and stern. The Echo Sport features a deck bungee, black carbon riggers, a lightweight carbon fiber foot stretcher that can accommodate all sizes and a light and comfortable carbon fiber seat. The Echo Sport is distinguished by its black riggers and center deck stripe.


Echo Folding Rigger System ™ – composite construction with Concept II locks
Carbon Fiber Foot stretcher
Carbon Fiber Seat
Black Carbon Riggers

Rigger restraining strap – orange buckle doubles as Coast Guard approved whistle
Built in suction bailer (standard)
Carrying handles built into bow and stern
Available with deck stripe colors in Navy Blue, Olympic Blue, Aqua Blue, Red, Orange, and Yellow (great safety color)

Echo Sport


Length: 18 feet
Waterline Length: 17′ 3″
Beam on Deck: 26″
Beam at Waterline: 21″
Hull Weight: 55 – 58 lbs
Capacity: 260 lbs



$ 6,490      Echo Sport Hull, including self-bailer, and black carbon riggers
$    660      Dreher carbon fiber, adjustable, light-weight macon oars (Hatchet available)
$ 7,150     Total boat purchase

Lowest Guaranteed Freight

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