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Looking for accessories or parts for your Echo Rowing Shell. We have them!


We also have a terrific rowing mirror that attaches directly to your footstretcher!


Please call 518-745-7699 or email and talk to Karen or Pete about Echo parts.

Please click on the picture or the name of the shell below to learn more about each shell.



Echo Islander

Echo Sport



$5,950* $6,150* $6,490


$660     $660



$6,610 $6,810


Restocking fees will apply for returned shells.
a full color deck, other than white, is an additional $350 – Red or Yellow deck color option available

Check out our accessories:

Slings — For land storage
Boat Covers – To baby your baby!
Boat Storage Rack – to store your boat collection!
Car Racks — Best Prices on Earth!!
Shell Racks — For transporting your shell.

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