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Do you stock used boats?

Since we started our company in 1971, the rowing industry has had some very interesting evolutionary changes. Although Adirondack Rowing has grown steadily, the industry as a whole has gotten smaller. As the number of manufacturers and their output has decreased, the demand for used boats has increased. Unfortunately, this means the prices of most used boats has also increased.

The inventory of used boats ebbs and flows continuously through the year. Several years ago we began to publish a list of used boats and equipment. Because this list only remains “current” for a very brief span of time, we list used boats only at the request of private sellers. We have a very large selection of used boats that are not on our published list. We are always willing to talk about all the shells when you call. If a shell that you are interested in does not appear on our used boat page, please don’t hesitate to call or email us. We may have the shell you are looking for in stock, but it may not be listed on the website. Please take a look at our SPECIALS page.

Adirondack Rowing does conscientiously maintain a “WAITING” list for used boats and equipment. We are also very liberal with our phone time with a serious buyer in order to give an accurate description of what is available and what their specific needs are. We are always glad to send pictures of the shells when requested.

In our continuous effort to support the sport of rowing, we have never taken any commission on the sale of a used shell from a seller or a buyer. To inquire about what is currently available in the used boat and equipment inventory, please contact us.

Which boat is right for me?

The shell you should purchase is the shell or sliding seat boat that best meets your #1 purpose for taking up this beautiful sport.

—  If your #1 goal is to improve fitness (ie: burn calories, produce endorphins, break a sweat and build pure strength without loss of flexibility) an open water type of shell or sliding seat touring boat makes the most sense.

—  If you aspire to go faster or further in the time you scull or row, then a sleeker, thinner, lighter shell will make your spirit happier.

These general statements come with qualifiers such as:

—  Do I have to transport my boat every time I use it or can I house it at a Rowing Club, boat house, or my own waterfront, or on my property? If  you need to transport your shell every time you row, then a lighter weight shell could be best suited to your needs.

—  If you are located on the shore, or have a boathouse at your disposal, a heavier weight shell would be best suited to your needs. If you are able to use a trailer, this opens up the opportunity of a larger boat if you are rowing as a single rower.

—  What are your water conditions where you row? Do you typically row on glass calm water, in light chop, heavy chop or a combination of all three? Do you row on the ocean or are you rowing on rivers, lakes, canals or reservoirs? Are you lucky enough to row a combination of them all?

Check here for which boat is right for you. Please remember, Adirondack Rowing offers the largest variety of BOTH types of boats including shells and sliding seat touring boats. We also offer accessories for your boat: oars, riggers, seats, slings, custom boat and oar covers, and car rack packages.  We also offer trailers for carrying your touring boats.  Check out our Shell Accessories Page.

What shell should I buy

We are always willing to give you as much information and as many pictures as you need on each and every shell we carry and that are available used.

If you are not sure about which shell to purchase, please check our “What Shell Should I Buy? page.


Why should I take a rowing lesson?

You should always take a rowing lesson or a rowing class, either at our Rowing School or at your local club, before considering the purchase of a rowing shell or sliding seat touring boat. The reason we strongly recommend a lesson or time in a shell is to make sure that you will enjoy this activity and will continue to enjoy it for a lifetime.

There are many intangibles that each rower must decide. Sculling, is after all, a personal sport. There is no better way to make these choices than to row several boats and compare and contrast them side by side.

There are times when people purchase a shell without having tried the sport and without having taken a rowing lesson. Without the important knowledge of understanding the sport of sculling, these “would be” scullers purchase shells they can’t enjoy. Taking a quality lesson or class will ensure that you will never be injured in this great sport. Taking a lesson or class also ensures that you will make the best boat selection for you. In case you are unable to come for a lesson or you do not have a local club where you could take a lesson, we will ask lots of questions when we speak with you in our effort to match you, your waterway, and your goals to the best shell for you, so you will make the best and most informed choice.


Where are you located?  What are your hours?

Adirondack Rowing is open seven days a week, by appointment only. We are by appointment only as we maintain several locations.

Our retail site and waterfront site are located in Upstate New York in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains.
Our retail site is in Queensbury, NY., which is less than an hour north of Albany, New York.
Our waterfront site is on Brant Lake, NY., which is approximately, 1.5 hours north of Albany, New York.

Our hours are by appointment only. Please call or email us and we will work with you to set up a time at the site that best suits your needs.

PLEASE DO NOT take it on yourself to drive up and drop in. We sell more shells than any dealer because we treat our customers better than anyone in the world. We meet with each customer individually to ensure you have the best lessons, choices of quality shells, and have enough time to have all your questions answered. 

What are your prices?  Packages? 

Please see the section of boats you wish to know more about and purchase: MAAS, Alden, Echo and the Touring and Family boats  

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