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Glide Single




The Glide Single is a perfect option for rowers who already know how to row and want a low cost alternative rowing shell. The Glide Single is a polyurethane hull that has clean lines, a wing rigger and can be stored indoors or out. The cockpit, rigger, seat tracks and foot position are all adjustable and designed to accommodate various sizes of rowers.

Length: 21 ft
Weight 48.5 lbs
Width at waterline: 14.5 in
Weight Capacity: 210 lbs

Unbreakable UV resistant polypropylene hull 
Adjustable quick release aluminum rigger

Under seat hatch and cover
Integrated water bottle holder
Padded FLOATING seat
Durable PVC footplate with straps and heel cups


$ 3,350 Glide Single Hull
$    660 Dreher carbon fiber, adjustable handle, light-weight macon sculling oars (Hatchet available)
$ 4,010 Total boat purchase

              Guaranteed Lowest Freight 

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