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Glide Tide


The Glide Tide is designed to perform well in a wide range of water conditions. With the Glide Tide, windblown waves, rolling seas or wakes from other boaters will not keep you from enjoying your row. The sugar scoop stern allows water to drain off the boat and the wider hull keeps the rower safe in larger waves. Made in the same tough polypropylene construction as all the Glide Tide, this boat is able to land on a sandbar to have a picnic or go for a swim. 

Length: 16 ft
Width: 28 in
Weight: 75 lbs
The Glide Tide performs best with rower and gear under 220lbs, but maintains safe and stable with up to 275lbs

Unbreakable UV resistant polypropylene hull 
Adjustable quick release aluminum rigger

Under seat hatch and cover
Integrated water bottle holder
Padded FLOATING seat
Fully adjustable durable PVC footplate with straps and heel cups (similar to erg footboard)
Self bailing cockpit
Safety line
Bow, stern, and side carry handles
Three float bags added inside the hulls also bring the Glide Tide to full compliance for FISA coastal events.


$3,950 Glide Tide Hull
$   660 Dreher carbon fiber, adjustable handle, lightweight macon sculling oars(Hatchet available)
$4,610 Total boat purchase

              Guaranteed Lowest Freight 

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