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How Do I Place My Order?

We don’t just sell boats, we sell the experience of sculling and rowing.

Adirondack Rowing intentionally does not have a shopping cart on our website. Please remember, there are a lot of different rowing shells out there. By asking questions on the phone or by email, we are able to help you chose the best shell for you. The time we spend with you on the phone or by email will ensure you purchase the correct shell the first time.

We believe the choice of a rowing shell should be considered carefully. We discuss important aspects of purchasing a rowing shell such as waterway, transportation, goals, and your experience to match you to the best shell to meet your needs. That means having a great rowing experience right from the beginning in the right shell!

If you are looking to purchase rowing shell parts, please give us a call or email. We will be glad to assist the novice and experienced rower with parts you need to keep your shell safe, functional, and fun to row. 

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