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Leo Coastal Boats

Leo C1X Coastal Single

Leo C1X

The Leo Coastal boats are designed with three main points in mind:
Stability in rough conditions
No water retention

Leo C1X is a coastal rowing boat which has a wonderful feeling and rowing ergonomics in all types of water conditions in the sea or lake. The Leo C1X is designed to optimize speed through the waves with significant surfing performance with the waves/ following sea. The Leo C1X conforms with FISA standards being self self-bailing. The Leo boats are recognized world wide by their great speed and safety and with their easy maneuvering compared with all other coastal boats.

The Leo C1X is built to withstand tough waves in the sea but also excellent for rowing in the rivers or lakes. The hull’s design, body lines and the unique color scheme is designed to produce as clean and stylish boat. 

Leo Coastal Boat

The Leo Coastal boats were designed and developed for Coastal Rowers by Coastal Rowers.


  • Length – 19 feet
  • Beam – 29.5 inches
  • Weight – 77 lbs fiberglass / 64 lbs carbon
  • Maximum load – 245 lbs
  • Brackets for safety rope, 15 m, in the bow
  • Equipped with a waterproof compartment for valuables
  • Bungees for storing, life jacket, clothes and water bottle
  • Fully adjustable Rowfit foot stretcher
  • Shoes for racing, easy to take off and dry or different sizes available. Batlogic system with Nike rowing shoes.
  • Wide seat with big holes, excellent carbon quality design and look. Height settings in three positions.
  • Conforms with FISA Coastal Rowing Regulations
  • Additional Options: Aramid/kevlar keel strip in front and under front keel is available to protect hull from damages against stones, beach or collision at pontoon when landing – $160

Leo Coastal C1X

Both deck and hull are made in Vacuum infusion with impregnated Soric®, which is an excellent bonded honeycomb structured core that offers weight reduction and cost efficient stiffness. Carbon fiber version is made with Vacuum infusion Soric ® , 100 % Carbon/vinylester epoxy.
All Leo boats are made in Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP). VIP is a technique which are environmental and worker friendly process with no emissions as it’s a closed process.


Pricing in Fiberglass:

$ 6,850      Leo Coastal Hull, including self-bailer, and black carbon riggers
$    660      Dreher carbon fiber, adjustable, light-weight macon oars (Hatchet available)
$ 7,510     Total boat purchase


Pricing in Carbon:

$ 8,300      Leo Coastal Hull, including self-bailer, and black carbon riggers
$    660      Dreher carbon fiber, adjustable, light-weight macon oars (Hatchet available)
$ 8,960     Total boat purchase

Guaranteed Lowest Freight

Do you need a trailer to get your Leo to the water? Check out the Trailex Trailers.
These trailers are perfect for towing. Lightweight and easy to manage.

We also have custom long handled dollies that work great moving the Leo boats around on land.

Boat Dolly

Do you need a boat rack or slings for storing your boat on land, a boat dolly or a cover?
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