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MAAS Flyweight

The MAAS Flyweight is designed as a high performance open water racer. For lightweight rowers, the Flyweight is substantially faster than any other open water shell, including the MAAS 24. The Flyweight is also an exciting and responsive shell for advanced recreational rowers and an excellent trainer for flat water racers. Not a cut down “big boat’, the MAAS Flyweight has designed a completely new shell; the hull shape, foot stretcher, cockpit size and rigging geometry are all scaled specifically for rowers under 140 lbs. 

At a rigged weight of 35 lbs (32 for the carbon series) the Flyweight is very easy to carry.

If you’ve been getting by with a shell that’s designed for rowers up to 100 lbs heavier, maybe it’s time to try a shell that’s built just for you. 

SEAT: carbon fiber – this design is the best we’ve found for long distance rowing.
FOOT STRETCHERS: Carbon fiber/fiberglass cored construction, neoprene and velcro foot straps – easily adjustable over a 7.5″range – adjustable heel cup height. Fits women’s sizes up to 10, men’s to 8 1/2.
INSPECTION PORT: 4″ diameter – comes with an integral nylon bag for wallet, keys, etc.
SELF BAILER: Optional, very useful for choppy conditions – a must for open water racing – suction type, 4 oz.
SKEG: Standard plastic, larger aluminum model aids in rough water tracking.
HULL AND DECK CONSTRUCTION: Syntactic foam core fiberglass, carbon fiber reinforced, acrylic modified epoxy resin, 4-6 mil get coal finish
POSITIVE FLOATATION is provided by four air bags.
OUTRIGGERS: Wing style. Welded 6061 T6 aluminum tube construction. Adjustable for height and work through the pin. Elegant, light and rigid, easily removed for storage and transport.  
OARLOCKS: Adjustable for height, pitch, and spread (155-160 cm)
— Length: 24’1″
— Beam on deck: 16.5″
— Beam at waterline: 12″
— Weight fully rigged fiberglass model: 38 – 40 lbs.
— Weight full rigged carbon model 35 – 37 lbs



$6,300     Fiberglass Hull, including bow ball (Carbon pricing $7,000)
$   150      Self Bailer
$     50      Deep Aluminum Fin
$   690      Dreher carbon fiber, adjustable handle, light-weight hatchet sculling oars
$7,190     Total (excluding freight)
$   185      Splash guard optional

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