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MAAS Parts Compatibility

Riggers: Wing riggers are not interchangeable across our shells. The Winged Aero and the Maas 24 share the same basic wing, but there are some differences in the angles. Likewise the Flyweight and Maas 27 share a rigger, but with differences in the angles. The Maas Double has it’s own wing. The Classic Aero can only take a wing with the adapter kit, the internal structure of the Classic is NOT designed for the stress of the wing without reinforcement.

Seats: The new Pocock seat (black carbon) works with all track in our shells. The Maas seat (white top) is NOT compatible with the Pocock track that has been used in new builds starting in 2020.


Pocock seat, use starting in 2020
Pocock seat, will work with all seat track

Maas seat
Maas seat, will NOT work with Pocock track

Seat track: The new Pocock track used starting in 2020 will ONLY work with the Pocock seats (black). The clip on the undercarriage of the Maas seat (white) is too snug on the Pocock track and the seat will not slide.


Pocock Seat Trac
Pocock seat track. Requires Pocock seat (black). Maas seat (white) is not compatible.

Original Seat Track
Original Seat Track, all seats will work


Double action seats: Latanzo (used until 2020); Martinoli (2019-2020).

Latanzo is US measurements, Martinoli is metric. Cannot mix and match. Check your seat’s undercarriage with the photos to determine which parts are on your seat.


Latanzo undercarriage

Martinoli undercarriage

Single action seats: – Maas HP (until 2020) or Pocock HP (starting in 2020). On a single action seat, only the wheels spin, unlike the double action seat where the seat carriage slides within the seat horns.

Footstretcher Channel: Starting in 2020 Pocock footstretcher channel has been used in our boats. It is notched, including the center channel. Two things to take note: with the notched center channel a washer is used BETWEEN the channel and the footstretcher. In all cases the spacer is above the footstretcher to provide access to the wing nut.


Smooth footstretcher track

Pocock notched track

Note the Pocock footstretcher channel is slightly taller than the old channel.

Critical: if the center channel is notched, use the supplied washer between the channel and footstretcher.

DO NOT place the center bolt spacer – plastic or phenolic – below the footstretcher to change the angle, you will damage or break the footstretcher.

In NO CASE should there be any other item or material between the stretcher channel and the footstretcher, you will damage or break the footstretcher.