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MAAS Replacement Parts

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Aero Rigger $ 385 each
Wing Rigger, Alum, Maas 24, Single, FW, Double (specify model) $ 695


Undercarriage Complete w/Wheels & Axles (does not include seat horns) (specify width, 6.5″ or 9″) $ 60 each
Seat Top only (specify model) $ 89 each
Seat Complete (specify model) $199 each
Performance Seat, Complete (carbon seat top w/ball bearing wheels) (Specify model) $ 415 each


Stretcher Channel (specify slotted or smooth) $ 8 each
Stretcher Square Bolt (specify long or short) $ 7.50 each
Stretcher Square Bolt w/hardware (specify long or short) $ 8 each
Square Bolts, complete set (two short and one long with wing nuts and washers) $ 24 each
MAAS lined Stretcher Straps $ 611 pair
Footstretcher Complete (does not included square bolts) (Specify if Flyweight) $ 252 pair
Footstretcher Back Only (Specify if Flyweight) $158 each
Performance Footstretcher, Complete (carbon) (does not include Square bolts) (Specify if Flyweight) $ 330 each


Inspection Port Complete, 6″ $ 39
Inspection Port Complete, 4″ $ 25
Inspection Port Cover, 6″ $ 21
Inspection Port Cover, 4″ $ 14


Titanium Oarlock Pin $ 89.50 each
Performance Seat, Complete (carbon seat top, roller bearing wheels) (specify model) $ 415
Carbon Seat Top, Only (specify model) $ 131
Undercarriage Only, complete (specify width, 6.5″ or 9″)) $ 285
Performance Footstretcher, Complete (carbon) (does not include Square bolts) $ 330
Performance Footstretcher, Back Only (carbon) $ 250
Complete Oarlock set up w/Titanium Pins (specify if Classic Aero) $ 325

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