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Oarmaster II Rowing Unit

Oarmaster II (all versions)

The Oarmaster II was a natural progression of the Oarmaster I and featured radical changes in design. The biggest change was eliminating the two separate riggers that fitted to the bottom of the Oarmaster I. The new wing rigger was designed in one piece, fits to the top of the footstretcher, and is easily removable with four spin knobs.The Oarmaster II was also upgraded to include a pressed composite seat. There are still Oarmaster II rowing units on the market with the white composite seat though most have been retrofitted with the more comfortable wooden seat.

The production of the Oarmaster II unit lasted approximately 10 years. There have been several versions of this rowing unit that included changes to the footstretcher assembly from separate wooden foot clogs with heel cups to a metal pan with or without heel cups.

The Oarmaster II rolls easily and quietly and was a nice improvement (especially the wing design) over the older style Oarmaster I. Overall, the Oarmaster II is a durable, affordable sculling unit with very good geometry.

The Oarmaster II has the ability to fit all Alden 18s, Alden 16s, Alden Martins, and Appledore Pods, past and present models.

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