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Oarmaster III Rowing Unit

Oarmaster III

The Oarmaster III incorporated the Oarmaster II improvements to the footstretchers as well as changing the footstetcher side panels to allow for the possible bigger physique of an older sculler. The wooden seat top was brought back and the wing rigger was redesigned. The rigger of the Oarmaster III was changed by slimming the rigger tubes, pitching the rigger arm, eliminating the clamps for the oarlock pins, and providing a slot at the end of the rigger’s arms to drop the oarlock pin into. Essentially, instead of the customer trying to get the correct oarlock pin pitch using the clamping system on the Oarmaster II, the new rigger makes it easier for the customer to just drop the oarlock pin into the slots at the end of the rigger arms, thereby eliminating the inaccuracy of trying to pitch the oarlock pin.

The Oarmaster III is a quiet, easy rolling sculling system. The Oarmaster III also has an ability to fit all Alden 18s, Alden 16s, Alden Martins, and Appledore Pods, past and present models.

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