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Oarmaster V



Oarmaster V

The Oarmaster V incorporated the Oarmaster II the pressed plastic foot pan of the footstretcher as well as changing the footstetcher side panels back to the Oarmaster II’s design to allow for the possible bigger physique of an older sculler. The Concept 2 larger seat top is comfortable and the wing rigger was redesigned. The rigger of the Oarmaster V was changed a hole at the end of the rigger’s arms to drop the oarlock pin into. No more adjust the clamps or sliding the oarlock pin in a slot. Essentially, the new rigger makes it easier for the rower to just drop the oarlock pin into the hole at the end of the rigger arms, thereby eliminating the inaccuracy of trying to pitch the oarlock pin or adjust where to slide the pin within the slot. The Oarmaster V, due to it’s larger seat is slightly heavier than the Oarmaster III at about 23 lbs. 

The Oarmaster V is a quiet, easy rolling sculling system. The Oarmaster V also has an ability to fit all Alden 18s, Alden 16s, Alden Martins, and Appledore Pods, past and present models.

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