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We have a huge supply of parts that are not listed on this page for Latanzo, MAAS Replacement PartsPiantedosi Ro-wing, Oarmaster I, Oarmaster II, Oarmaster III, MAAS, Alden, WinTech shells, Adirondack Series Guideboats and Wherries and many other shells.

The parts list below consists of the most frequently purchased parts. We know there are a large number of other parts that are necessary to keep your rowing shell sculling smoothly so if you do not see the parts you need on this list,
please do not hesitate to call or email Pete or Karen.

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Looking for MAAS Replacement parts? We have ’em!

Rowing Accessories can be found here!

Grips $32 pair
Concept II Oarlock $36 pair
Oarlock spacers $.50 each
Oarlock spacers- open on one side to $1.40 each
Pin and hardware $55 each
Complete oarlock set $135 pair
Pitch Plugs $10 card
Medium MAAS plastic fin $24
Large MAAS aluminum fin $50
Standard Seat Track (with ends) $65.00 pair
Complete carbon seat with undercarriage, wheels and axles (not for Oarmaster units) $220
Custom seat (other than 6.5″, 9″ or 11″ on center) (not for Oarmaster units) $240
Horns $19.50 each
Undercarriage only (not for Oarmaster units) $24
Wheels & Axles Only ($20.50 per axle) (not for Oarmaster units) $42 pair
Complete Undercarriage w/ Wheels & Axles (6.5″, 9″ or 11″ on center)
(not for Oarmaster units)
Carbon Seat Top only $89
Wooden Seat Top only $80
Carbon Seat with Ball Bearing Wheels $415
Performance Package for MAAS boats $525
Skwoosh Gel Pad $49
Stretcher Channel $8 each
Stretcher Square Bolt $8 each
Complete Set Square Bolts and Hardware $24 set
Stretcher straps (MAAS padded, two buckle) $61 pair
Stretcher straps (Piantedosi velcro straps) $38 pair
Heel cup – small $8 each
Heel cup – large $10 each
Foot stretcher complete $310 each
Standard Stopper $1 each
Deluxe Stopper w/ string and cotter pin $4 each
Bailer $115
Bailer Gasket 25
Bowballs $22
Bow number holder $8.75
Rowing Mirror $54.95
Rowing Mirror for Echo $29.95
Inspection Port Cover, 6″ / 4″ $21 / $14
Drain Plug – both male and female parts / Drain Plug male part only $16.95 / $8.95
Wheel A Way Boat Dolly $345
Lined Sunbrella (MAAS Aero, 24, or Single) $589
Unlined (MAAS Aero, 24, or Single) $539
Lined Oar Bag $220
Large Aluminum Slings $190
Small Aluminum Slings $160
Alden 16 / Alden 18 Coaming $94 / $105
Alden 16 Rub Rail $105
Alden 18 Rub Rail $145

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Or Call Us! 518-745-7699(ROWW)