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Photo Gallery

Jim enjoying a peaceful row in his new Alden Martin.

Jack enjoying his new wooden shell.

Neil enjoying his  “Manuel’s Dory”. Manuel being the Portuguese-American cod fisherman who was the tragic hero (played by Spencer Tracy) in the 1940s movie Captains CourageousNeil’s boat is a replica of a standard 19th-c. Gloucester dory, but a couple of hundred pounds lighter.

Carol and her friend decorating an Appledore Pod to row a newly married couple off to happily ever after!

Charlie having a good time in his new Adirondack Dory.

J. enjoying his new TomCat shell

Karen and Bill enjoying their new Alden 18 on the Cuyahoga River .

Earl enjoying the Wherry 16 in the Adirondack Mountains.

Two ladies enjoying sculling their MAAS double “Quohog” on Cape Cod.

Debbie enjoying her Alden 16 on the lake.

Our local Rower, Bill Martin, was in the paper!
“A man rows on a foggy Lake Flower this morning in Saranca Lake.” Enterprise photo — Catherine Moore

Billy enjoying a beautiful sunset row.

Laura enjoying your Peinert X25 in Cooperstown.

Sebastian getting ready to take a spin on his new Land Rower!

Wherry closeup Hawaii Mark Miller.jpgMark Miller and his friend enjoying the Adirondack Wherry in Hawaiian Waters!

14-year-old Alex enjoying his new MAAS Aero. Looking good!

Brian’s beautiful sunset in the Alden 18.

George getting ready for the Blackburn Challenge in his Chester Yawl.

Wherry packed 5day Green River Utah Deb Miller.jpgDeb on a 5 day day trip through Labyrinth Canyon on the Green River. Who knew the Adirondack Wherry could carry so much!

Rowing with our friend Dan, in the Water Jogger, on Glen Lake

Peter enjoying his Adirondack Wherry

Pete’s 9-year-old son Cameron enjoying the Echo on Schroon Lake

Pete’s 18 year old son Max and his girlfriend enjoying the Alden 18 on Schroon Lake.

Brace and his sister Wendy enjoying a row in the Alden 18 in Stockbridge, MA

Peter enjoying his new Wherry 20

Peter enjoying his brand new MAAS 24.  Peter and the MAAS look great!

Pete with Tony, the owner of a Carbon MAAS Aero & Carbon MAAS 24

Tony enjoying the MAAS Aero

Tom enjoying his new wherry on Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Peter and his new Adirondack Wherry put the sailboats to shame!

JC and his new MAAS Double

Kayta racing her MAAS Aero at the summer solstice race on the Navesink River

Alice enjoying rowing her MAAS Aero while rowing under the George Washington Bridge

Dawn enjoying the calm waters on Cape Cod

Joel rowing the Alden Ocean Shell 16 on Cape Cod

Dawn and her doggie rowing in the LRM Sprint

Roger purchased a Piantedosi ro-wing and Dreher oars to drop into his canoe.  He looks like he is enjoying himself!

“Lone Sculler of Ruedi” Brian calls himself when rowing his new MAAS 24

Bill getting ready to launch his new Alden 18 into the water.

10 year old Annie enjoying her rowing lesson on Schroon Lake

David, in the WinTech 24, on Schroon Lake

Frank and his Echo en-route to the shore – a new way to transport a shell – by bike!

Frank enjoying his new Echo

Dave and Grigory enjoying a guideboat 18 rental on Saranac Lake

Early morning view from Martin Island on Saranac Lake

14 year-old Ryan enjoying his new Mission OffShore 16

16-year-old Christopher enjoying the MAAS 24 on an early morning

Yes, you can put a rowing shell on a Porsche. Just ask John!

Astrid and Kurt enjoying their Guideboat 18

Pete, the Alden Star, and a foggy morning on Schroon Lake

Rob training at London Regatta Centre on Royal Albert Dock (above)

Rob belongs to a group of adaptive rowers in the UK.

Rob Holliday Silver Medallist A 1x – World Rowing Championships, Banyoles, Spain 2004 (below)

“EDGE” designed by Irwin Berman

EDGE embodies, perhaps to an extreme, the paradigm of ³sitting as a metaphor for the human condition². Capturing the knifelike edge of the board sailor¹s fin or a sailboat¹s centerboard, EDGE¹s finely tapered skeleton suggests both readiness for comfortable rowing and the precariousness of sitting on a ³knife². Comfortable foot supports notwithstanding, the feline form of EDGE¹s custom-molded seat hints of darkness, even danger.

Rick enjoying a colorful sunset in his Adirondack Wherry.

Chuck enjoying his new WinTech 24

Pete rowing the Hudson Talon on Schroon River

Dana enjoying her new Aero

Chris enjoying the Adirondack Wherry during a demo on Glen Lake

Mary (above) and Gloria (below) transporting Mary’s Alden Martin to the shoreline for their morning row

Mary in her Alden Martin “Ka”

16-year-old Will enjoying his first rowing session in his Dad’s Guideboat 18

Pete teaching Meghan the proper technique while rowing in the T-6 by Hudson

Dan rowing his Guideboat 15 on Saratoga Lake

David & Kathy taking home their new Guideboat 15 – Proof you can carry a GB inside your pick-up truck!

There is more than one way to carry a Guideboat 15 on a pickup truck!

Laura and Mike with their Alden Ocean Shell Double

Proof that even a small vehicle can transport a Guideboat 15.  Chuck’s ingenious idea of transporting his ro-wing strapped to his hitch mount (below) is a great idea for cars with little interior room.

Anatoli enjoying his new Alden Star

Dot enjoying her new Adirondack Wherry on Donner Lake, CA

Steve rowing on Glen Lake in the Alden Ocean Shell Double

Dave enjoying the Wherry during his rowing lesson

Kathy and Bob enjoying the Guideboat 18 during their novice rowing lesson

Pete showing Jerry proper hand placement during his novice lesson

Karen and Dan enjoying each other’s company rowing the Wherry on Schroon River

Dan and Karen at the Rowing School

9 year old Starling, our youngest female rower, in the Skimmer during her novice lesson

Great form Starling!

Our “most mature” rower, at 91, Ed Homiller in his MAAS 27′

Enjoying family lessons on Schroon Lake

Jim and Patty Cirillo enjoying an early morning row in the Guideboat 18

Stan Murray rowed the 27-mile round trip for the Charity Poker Run in his MAAS Aero

Stan’s locale newspaper ran this picture and an article on the Charity Event.  “About 200 participants turned out Saturday at the Tenn-Tom Waterway for the second annual Charity Poker Fun. . . . One of the high points of the daylong event was Stan Murray, who rowed the entire 27-mile round trip in his blade thin sculling boat.  Murray drew many stares from interested boaters as he fought wakes and a strong wind to finish with what appeared to be little effort.  “It was a good day on the water,” Murray said.  “I wish the wind would have been a little more cooperative, but I made it without blisters.  The poker hand I collected was awful, but I will do it again next year.”

The Garbers and Annie with their Adirondack Wherry

Kathleen purchases an Alden Star (Remember the rain Kathleen!)

Susan looking forward to rowing her Regatta on the Maine coast.

Ken Maw and his MAAS 24 rowing in the Arabian Gulf.

Pete in the Guideboat 18 with family and friends!

Karen in the MAAS Aero on Schroon Lake

Joe Diehl rowing his MAAS Aero on Morro Bay

Amy Bush in her Alden Star

Tom Bush enjoying the lake in his Adirondack Wherry

Jason sculling his We-No-Nah 16′ Adirondack Canoe

Chris Sloan in his Echo on Glen Lake

Brian Hotchkiss in his Alden Horizon