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WinTech Explorer 21

WinTech Explorer 24 WinTech Explorer Double

Hull Price  in Fiberglass

$6,550 (Model B)

$6,550 (Model B)

$12,950 (Model A)




$1,380 ($690 x 2)


Lowest Guaranteed

Total $7,210 $7,240


Restocking fees will apply for returned shells

Model A prices are listed on each specific WinTech Explorer Page. Click a shell picture or link above.

MODEL A – Full Core Hull – Sandwich construction boats are lighter and stiffer than their single-skin counterparts due to a honeycomb core, making them more suited to high performance use. Although still pretty resilient, a very stiff hull of this type of construction is a little more susceptible to damage from bangs and knocks.

MODEL  – B – Single Skin Hull – Single-skin construction boats tend to be hard-wearing with a little ‘give’ in the hull which helps absorb the odd knock in the boathouse or while being transported. They are a little heavier, but are ideal for novice crews and general club use where the boats are likely to take some general punishment, but still perform when needed.


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